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Woodworking Router Tools

Router tools vary according to their size and function. The basic router is an electrical power tool having a flat surface and a spinning blade extending above the base. The blade can be driven by either an electrical motor or by a hydraulic motor. In addition it routs a path through solid material, for instance wood or metal.

Why need Woodworking Router Tools?

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Routers have several other uses such as for scoring wood, metal and plastic. Shaping wood and plastic requires router tools such as sanding, planing and finishing. Spindles used with router tools are also of several kinds such as full cut, cross cut, sloping cut and mitred cut. Mitred (convex) cutters are much popular due to their ability to cut through corners.

Spindle-driven routers have a large base plate on which the blade and other bits fit. A table top router is basically a table top tool that is driven by a hand-operated mechanism. Table top shaping is mainly used for furniture and other curved surfaces. Shaping plastic requires specialized shaping equipment such as a rotary cutter or belt grinders. at craft stores or woodworking shops. The staff there are usually happy to assist you with your router or other woodworking equipment queries. Before making a purchase, make sure that you know the exact make and model of the tool that you want to buy so that you can get it right the first time. You can also use the Internet to find out details about different models and types of woodworking router tools that are available.

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