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What You Should Know About Orthodontic Care

Orthodontic care helps people who have problems with the alignment of their teeth and bite. These problems can affect the look of their smile, but they can also lead to other dental issues. Having straight teeth and a properly aligned bite can help prevent issues like gum disease, tooth decay, and jaw pain.

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Generally, orthodontic treatment involves braces or aligners to apply gentle pressure over time. The teeth then shift into the proper position, and you end up with a healthier smile that is easier to clean and maintain.

Some common orthodontic problems include:

Crowded and Crooked Teeth

If left untreated, crowded or crooked teeth can cause serious problems. They can interfere with chewing and speaking, make it harder to brush and floss, and increase your risk of gum disease and bone loss in the jawbone area. In addition, they may lead to future dental issues such as impacted teeth (when the lower or upper adult teeth get stuck in the gums or jawbone) and cracked or chipped teeth from food being trapped between uneven surfaces.

Many people choose to get orthodontic treatment as children because their permanent teeth are still developing and it is easier to correct problems then. But adults can get treatment as well if their problems are minor.

Dental insurance typically does not cover orthodontic care, but a supplemental dental discount plan like Aflac may be able to help. This type of plan works a bit differently than traditional health insurance, and you will pay a monthly premium in exchange for a set amount of savings on dental visits and orthodontics.

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