Grabs Koop Recreation Using a Kids Gratitude Journal

Using a Kids Gratitude Journal

This Kids Gratitude Journaling Activity Book is an excellent activity book for kids to develop mindfulness and gratitude. It’s an enjoyable book with motivating pictures and prompts to help kids to jot down their gratitude and positive notes of appreciation for the things that they appreciate. Studies have proven that gratitude helps to boost physical and emotional health, among other things. Kids will learn to acknowledge the good things in their lives, and thus be more able to enjoy them fully.

Kids’ Gratitude Journal – 3 Minute Kids Gratitude Journal

In this Kids Gratitude Journal for kids, there are a variety of prompts and ideas for kids to use. One popular prompt is to be “grateful” after eating a wholesome meal. Another prompt is to be grateful for “family member” or friend’s kindnesses. For another popular option, kids are asked to record their thoughts, feelings and actions regarding a certain situation, person or thing. The free printable gratitude journal for kids encourages kids to take full advantage of these tools by developing their own gratitude journal, which they can share with their friends.

Aside from being a terrific way to develop gratitude, kids love to use these journals as a form of escape from whatever may be stressing them out, such as a difficult teacher, sibling fights, backyard arguments or even homework. Many online sites offer free printable gratitude journal for kids that parents can send to their children. These are printable journals that kids can fill out and then send in the form of an email or printout. They can then keep these journals in their pajamas all day long, and when they get up, go over their gratitude journal for kids with a fine-toothed comb.

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