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The Ripoff Report

The Ripoff Report is a privately owned for-profit website aimed at exposing scams. The site was founded in 1998 by Ed Magedson and has been online since December of that year. Xcentric Ventures, LLC, based in Tempe, Arizona, operates the site. The site is intended to help consumers avoid becoming victims of scams, and it has become a popular resource for people seeking information about scams.

How to Know About The Ripoff Report

the ripoff report

The Ripoff Report makes millions of dollars a year through advertising and other means. For example, an individual can pay a flat fee based on the amount of complaints made against them. If the company has no money to pay, the fee is not refundable. In addition, the Ripoff Report will place a positive headline above the complaint if it is not resolved within six months. If the company doesn’t comply, the site will redact the facts and remove the listing.

The Ripoff Report has a policy that requires individuals to pay a flat fee based on the number of complaints they have filed against a business. This fee can’t be lower than $5,500, but it is not cheap, as it pays for inspectors to ensure that complaints are resolved. The Ripoff Report then inserts positive headlines above the complaint, and deletes negative ones if the business isn’t rectified. A third party arbitrator, which costs $2,000, is available for the business to hire and redact incorrect facts from their posts.

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