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The Best Rain Boots Men Can Wear

best rain boots men

Wet weather can be a drag, but it doesn’t have to be. A superior pair of rain boots men (paired with a waterproof coat, of course) can turn trudging through a puddle or tromping in the snow into, if not a fun experience, at least one that’s not miserable and doesn’t leave you with wet socks and soggy shoes. We asked our gear testers for their favorite pairs that will keep you dry—from casual rain boots you can wear with skinny jeans while running weekend errands to heavy-duty boots that are suitable for hiking year-round.

Wardrobe and image consultant Rahj Kennerskadi of Brewed & Styled says this insulated pair from Muck Boot is “the perfect boot for someone who needs to go out in wet weather but doesn’t want to wear an ugly, clunky raincoat.” The vulcanized rubber boots are insulated to keep feet toasty, with the calf-high rubber overlay providing extra protection from rocks, sticks or other debris you might encounter while walking through backcountry terrain. Muck Boot also incorporated a waterproof membrane in the seams, plus a moisture-absorbing lining and a flexible neoprene cuff that rolls down for warmth when temperatures drop.

Rainy Day Footwear: 10 Best Rain Boots for Men to Tackle the Wet Weather

This pair from Lems combines fashion and function, with a molded rubber sole that’s designed for orthotic support and a sleek style that looks great with slim or skinny jeans. But what really sets it apart is the zero-drop design, which puts your heel and toe at the same level for a more barefoot feel. A pull tab, oiled leather uppers and waterproof liners round out the specs.

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