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Thailand Gaming Expo

Online gaming is booming in Thailand. Among the many online เดิมพันกีฬาดีที่สุด  options available in the country are mobile gaming and online role-playing games. In 2017, the government set up a Digital Economy Promotion Agency to support the digital industry in the country. The agency focuses on five areas, including digital content and gaming. In the gaming sector, smartphones are the most popular devices.

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In terms of gaming revenue, Thailand is a hotspot for games. The country boasts a large number of mobile gamers, and game developers are lining up for their business. While there are several international game developers in the country, few have offices in Thailand. The country’s gaming market is largely driven by local developers, including a small number of smaller indie developers.

Thailand Gaming Expo is a unique opportunity to showcase new products, services, and technologies to the country’s gaming community. It’s the largest gaming event in Thailand, with over 120,000 visitors expected. Major game makers as well as local game design and development companies showcase their latest creations. The event also featured activities for cosplayers and official merchandise.

The country’s gaming industry has emerged as an exciting sector with many benefits for the local economy. With the government’s recognition of the sector’s potential, Thailand has begun a push to support its growth. As a result, the future of this industry is bright. Several factors have contributed to the growth of the gaming industry in Thailand. For example, the country’s booming mobile industry has led to the development of new game development studios.

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