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Tennis Court Repairs

Tennis Court Repairs

Tennis Court Repairs are a big part of maintaining your court and ensuring that players have a safe, well maintained surface. Keeping your court up to date with resurfacing helps keep cracks from becoming major problems and it also prevents the need for a complete rebuild which can be very expensive. Resurfacing a court involves adding a new layer of oil-based asphalt and acrylic coating over the existing surface. It is typically completed in three to six days and can make your tennis court safer and a lot more fun for your players.Source :

Resurfacing a tennis court allows for inspection of the foundation and drainage system to determine if there are any further issues that need to be addressed. If a drainage problem is identified then proper remediation can be undertaken to ensure that the water is draining properly and not penetrating under the slab or causing structural problems like settlement and heaving.

The Psychology of Tennis Court Aesthetics and Player Experience

It is recommended that you resurface your court every three to five years. While resurfacing can be a costly undertaking it is much cheaper than repairing the damage caused by a bad storm or overuse. The time between resurfacing can be extended by keeping the court clean, sweeping regularly and clearing away any debris or leaf litter that may block drainage outlets – this will help minimise moisture build up on the surface and avoid the development of mildew and weeds.

If cracks do develop then a crack filler can be used to provide some short-term closure. When applying a crack filler it is recommended that you check the weather forecast to make sure there isn’t lots of rain headed your way as water wicking upwards through the cracked area will weaken the crack filler and cause early failure. Another option is to use a high quality elastomeric crack sealant which will provide better long term performance.

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