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Medicare Supplement Plan G

medicare supplement plan g

Medicare Plan G is an all-encompassing and comprehensive MedSup policy. It offers more choices in the coverage of your Medicare benefits than the traditional Medicare Parts A and B. It also covers some of the optional services from the original Medicare Parts A and B programs, including vision care, hearing care, mental health and prescription drugs. Plan F is a Medicare Part D supplemental insurance product that covers the additional services provided by the original Medicare program. There are plans that cover both Medicare Advantage options (including Part C) and traditional Medicare.


Medicare Supplement Plan G, also known as Medigap Medicare, is the most common type of Medicare supplement plan offered to seniors. It covers everything that Medicare does not. Medigap Plan G does not have any maternity coverage, vision care, or prescription drugs included in its benefits, but it does offer three pints of regular beer at no additional cost. In order to receive these benefits, you must be registered with an active Medicare account and have been a member throughout the period of service required.


Medicare Supplement Plan G rates and prices will vary depending on your current health status, family medical history and other factors. The average individual medical policy costs about eight hundred and sixty-five percent more for a single premium than the traditional Medicare plan. Single plan or policies pay the entire Medicare benefit amount and are the lowest-priced policy in the family of medigap policies. Families can combine themselves into a group policy with a lower monthly premium than single policy policies. While it is true that you do pay more for the greater benefits provided by Medicare Supplement plan G, compared to the original Medicare program, if you are enrolled in a group policy, you will pay less for both the premiums and the deductible for the family policy.

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