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Kettlebell Abdominal Exercises

kettlebell abdominal exercises

A kettlebell provides an excellent tool for increasing the difficulty of bodyweight core exercises and generating an even greater challenge for your stabilizing muscles. Incorporating kettlebell ab exercises into your routine will not only target your core but will also help you develop a more efficient and powerful deadlift or squat through increased hip mobility and overall core strength. Read more kettlebell abdominal exercises –

Begin in a good plank position and grab the handle of the kettlebell with both hands. Pressing through the glutes and hinging at the hips, slowly lower the kettlebell to just below the floor while keeping the chest up and back flat. Once the kettlebell is close to the ground, drive through the legs and straighten the arms to swing the bell overhead with the hands held firmly out in front of the body. Once the kettlebell is high enough to reach just above the head, the client will return back to the plank position and repeat.

“Kettlebell Core Blast: Powerful Abdominal Exercises for a Strong and Sculpted Core

The Typewriter Drag is a great kettlebell ab exercise that targets and strengthens the obliques. Begin in a good plank position holding one kettlebell by the handles above your head with the arm extended in front of you. From here, pull the kettlebell underneath yourself to the other side while keeping the torso in an upright position. Repeat for reps on each side. This exercise is a challenge for the core and requires deep activation of the shoulders, rhomboids and upper back to stabilize the core while moving the kettlebell from one side to the other.

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