Grabs Koop Recreation Engine Tuning – What Is Engine Tuning and Why Is It Necessary?

Engine Tuning – What Is Engine Tuning and Why Is It Necessary?

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The process of diesel performance tuning sydney an engine management system (ECU) to increase performance to suit a driver’s needs or desires. This may include gaining more horsepower or torque for towing or racing applications, improved fuel economy, or a combination of both. Tuning a vehicle typically voids the powertrain warranty and should only be done by qualified technicians. It also requires careful selection of supporting modifications such as cams and induction kits to avoid mechanical problems.

The best tuners will extract and keep the original ECU file so that if at any stage the vehicle should need to be returned to factory condition they can do so. They will then modify the settings stored within this file, changing things like fuel pressure, ignition timing and boost delivery. These changes will allow the tuner to work within the limitations of the engine and its peripherals but still provide the extra grunt many drivers crave.

Beyond the Engine: Discovering the Comprehensive Support of a Diesel Shop

There are many different tuning modules available off the net that promise great diesel power gains. However, these usually plug into the common rail pressure sensor and simply jack up the fuel pressure. Using these can cause serious damage and should only be used after a professional dyno tune has been performed. A quality tuner will spend up to half a day with your car to achieve an accurate and safe engine tuning result. This will include running the vehicle on road and on a chassis dyno to record logs and check that the modifications you have made are well matched to your specific vehicle.

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