Grabs Koop Blog Cannibus Seed Be Used For More Than Just Smoking?

Cannibus Seed Be Used For More Than Just Smoking?

If you’ve ever smoked cannibus seed buds that had seeds in them, you probably know it isn’t the best experience. The seeds snap, crackle, and pop when burned, which ruins the taste of any bud they are in. It also creates an unpleasant aroma that is similar to smoking burnt toast. However, it’s important not to throw out any seeds because they can be used in many different ways.

If the seed is not too old, you can grind it up and sprinkle it on a salad for a burst of phyto-nutrition. You can also use it as a bird feeder. Hemp seeds are high in healthy fats that benefit the health of our feathered friends. You can find cannabis seeds in many types of birdseed mixes, and it’s a healthier alternative to bread, which can lead to obesity.

Cultivating Green Gold: Exploring the World of Cannabis Seeds for a Thriving Garden

Alternatively, you can plant cannabis seeds for a future harvest. While it takes more time and effort, growing your own marijuana can be a fun and rewarding hobby. It is important to choose the right strain and understand the germination process before starting your grow.

When selecting seeds, look for a plump, viable seed with a telltale “tiger stripe” on the side that indicates maturity. You should also consider whether you want regular or feminized seeds. Feminized seeds are more expensive than regular, but they can help you avoid male plants that will pollinate your females and cut your yields by 80-90%.

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